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Hazelnut Montessori is a transformative and bilingual educational institution located at 549 East Mendenhall Street, Bozeman, MT. Our school provides a nurturing and holistic learning environment for children aged 3 months to 6 years. We are founded on the belief that teaching begins in the heart, and our core values are centered around empowering independence, fostering compassionate connections, and incorporating nature-based learning. Additionally, we embrace the practice of meditation and energy work as essential components of our holistic approach.

Mission: The mission of Hazelnut Montessori is to provide a nurturing, bilingual, safe, and creative environment that allows each child to unfold in their own unique way, following the principles of the Montessori philosophy. We are dedicated to cultivating a lifelong love of learning and fostering holistic development within our students.


Holistic Approach: At Hazelnut Montessori, we believe that education extends beyond academic achievements. Our holistic approach focuses on nurturing every aspect of a child's growth—mind, body, and spirit—following the principles laid out by Dr. Maria Montessori.


Emotional Well-being: We prioritize emotional well-being by incorporating meditation and energy work practices into our daily routines. These practices help children develop self-awareness, manage emotions, and build resilience, fostering a positive and peaceful learning environment.


Nature-Based Learning: Our curriculum integrates hands-on experiences in nature to instill a deep appreciation and understanding of the natural world. Through outdoor activities and nature exploration, children learn important lessons about environmental stewardship and their interconnectedness with nature.


Creative Expression: Art is a vital aspect of child development and human expression. At Hazelnut Montessori, we encourage creative outlets to stimulate imagination and self-expression. We believe that artistic exploration nurtures a child's cognitive, emotional, and motor skills, fostering well-rounded development.


Spanish Immersion: Our bilingual environment provides a unique opportunity for children to develop proficiency in Spanish as a second language. Exposing students to a second language during their formative years enhances cognitive abilities, cultural awareness, and global perspectives.


Empowering Independence: The Montessori philosophy promotes independence and self-directed learning. At Hazelnut Montessori, we create an environment where children can make choices, take ownership of their learning, and build confidence in their abilities.


Compassionate Connections: Our educators prioritize building deep and compassionate connections with each child. We recognize that strong teacher-student bonds form the foundation for effective learning, as children feel safe, supported, and encouraged to explore their full potential.


Inspiring a Lifelong Love of Learning: At Hazelnut Montessori, our ultimate goal is to instill a lifelong love of learning in each student. By adhering to the principles of the Montessori philosophy and fostering curiosity, critical thinking, and a growth mindset, we prepare our students to become enthusiastic learners and compassionate contributors to a better humanity. Through our holistic Montessori-inspired approach, we are dedicated to providing an educational experience that empowers children to excel intellectually, emotionally, and socially. We strive to cultivate compassionate and confident individuals who possess the curiosity, resilience, and deep appreciation needed to navigate the challenges of the future successfully.


Welcome to Hazelnut Montessori!

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