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Hazelnut Montessori has the amazing opportunity to offer a Spanish Immersion Montessori program to our Bozeman families! Children at the ages from birth to seven are endowed with the most favorable natural mechanisms for learning multiple languages. At Hazelnut Montessori all staff who are in contact with the children are fluent in English and Spanish, giving your children the experience of a true Spanish Immersion education.  

     Our Montessori teaching approach is heart centered, with the understanding that the determinants of learning are developmental, relational, motivational, and emotional.  We prioritize building strong loving bonds with our students and consider these relationships the foundation for our teaching.

    At Hazelnut Montessori we strongly believe in granting children with many avenues of expression. Our Art and Music programs are intended to keep a creative flow of energy in the children and to allow for many creative outlets.

     We look forward to promoting a diverse community of children, parents and teachers. We welcome families of all races, color, religions, ethnic and national origins.


Welcome to Hazelnut Montessori!

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