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Founder and Director at Hazelnut Montessori, Ms. Yoli, originally from Ecuador started her work with children over a decade ago while volunteering at an orphanage in Chile. After her first son was born she obtained her Montessori certification as a Montessori Directress through Age of Montessori.

Having her own children inspired her to seek and dive deeply into The Montessori philosophy as well as studying Dr. Gordon Neufeld's Developmental Attachment Approach. The Montessori Method has become her life's journey as well as the philosophy she truly believes in when working with children. She has studied many hours of children psychology, through the Neufeld Institute, and follows the Developmental Attachment Approach when building 

relationships with children as well as dealing with children's behavior.

Creativity has always worked as an enchanting force in her life, and she strongly believes in exposing children to Art, Music and Nature as part of their educational 

experience from a young age. She loves teaching children and adults in the Montessori Method and looks forward to creating a wonderful community at Hazelnut Montessori!

Ms. Yoli

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