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Ms. Yoli, originally from Ecuador and a native Spanish speaker, embarked on her journey with a heartfelt desire to help underprivileged children, leading her to volunteer at an orphanage in Chile over two decades ago. Little did she know that this selfless act of kindness would sow the seeds of her life's work and pave the way for the establishment of Hazelnut Montessori.


With the birth of her first son, Yoli's world took on new meaning. Motherhood ignited a thirst for knowledge and a passion for early childhood education. Drawn to the child-led philosophy of Montessori, she set out on a quest to become a Montessori Directress, earning her certification through the esteemed Authentic Institute of Montessori.


But her dedication to learning didn't stop there. Driven by her love for her children and a desire to understand their development better, Yoli immersed herself in the study of Dr. Gordon Neufeld's Developmental Attachment Approach. Combining Montessori principles with Neufeld's insights, she found a powerful approach that emphasized nurturing connections with children and understanding their individual needs.


Yoli's life became a beautiful tapestry of creativity, education, meditation, and energy work. Firmly believing in the importance of art, music, and nature in a child's upbringing, she was determined to expose young minds to these enriching experiences from an early age. Her vision was to cultivate not just knowledge but also imagination, allowing each child to blossom and discover their unique potential. Additionally, she introduced mindfulness practices and energy work into the curriculum, nurturing emotional intelligence and inner peace in the hearts of her students.


With a heart full of love and a mind brimming with knowledge, Yoli founded Hazelnut Montessori, a place where the essence of the Montessori Method and her compassionate approach to child development converged. Through her guidance, children thrived, and parents found solace in knowing that their little ones were under the care of a devoted and nurturing educator.


As the founder and director of Hazelnut Montessori, Yoli's legacy was one of unwavering dedication to fostering a community of learning and growth. Her journey, which began as a young volunteer in a Chilean orphanage, had transformed into a lifelong commitment to nurturing young minds and hearts. Her story continues to inspire educators, parents, and children to embrace the joy of learning and creativity as they embark on their own unique paths of growth.

Ms. Yoli

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